Hot Water Systems

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    Selecting The Right Hot Water System

    Choosing the right size of hot water heater is very important. If you pick the wrong size, you may not have enough hot water, pay more for energy, and have to spend more time on maintenance. So, it’s important to think about things like how big your house is, how many people will be using hot water, and the weather in your area.

    Hot Water Systems

    You have lots of options to choose from when it comes to hot water heaters, like storage, continuous flow, and renewables. Make sure you choose a system that’s the right size for your needs and fits in the space you have. You also need to consider the costs of buying and installing the heater, as well as any costs for switching to a different type of system. We can help you understand all of these costs if you’re thinking of changing your system.

    Food Van Hot Water

    We installed a gas system for La Chama Catering & Food Van. This system heats hot water when it’s required, which saves energy. We chose a gas system so that the electrical systems wouldn’t be overloaded as well as ensuring that there is hot water available to the kitchen at all times, storage systems would require a warming period before providing hot water. The gas bottles are convenient to swap and can also be used with the gas appliances in the kitchen.

    Different Types of Hot Water Systems

    Hot Water
    Electric Storage

    An electric storage water heater consists of an insulated storage tank, which stores and electrically heats water. The water stored in the tank is kept hot, ready for delivery when needed. Electric water heaters generally have low up-front costs and are easy to install.

    Heat Pump
    Electric Heat Pump

    Electric heat pump water heaters absorb warmth from the air and transfer it to heat the water. They use electricity to operate but are significantly more efficient than a conventional electric storage water heater (some up to 6-8x more efficient). They come with a boost function for cold days or high demand times. They are one of the most energy-efficient options available.

    Gas Hws
    Continuous Flow Gas

    Continuous flow (sometimes called “Instant”) hot water heaters are small, wall-mounted, tankless units that heat water as you use it, rather than heating it and storing it for later use. They can be electric or gas, and both provide the advantage of instantaneous hot water. This means never having to have a cold shower after the hot water has run out!

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